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Romeo and Juliet
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Act II

This is the page where we summarize act II

In Act II Romeo jumps the wall entering the capulets yard and sees Juliet on the balcony talking to herself about how much she loves Romeo but they are from two familys who have great hate for each other. Ignoring the danger Romeo comes out and talks to her and they declare there love for each other they decide to get married. Juliet will send the nurse to Romeo in the morning to make plans for the wedding. The very next day we meet Romeos friend, Friar lawrence. He wonders how Romeo has for gotten Rosaline so quickly but agrees to marry the two since he hopes this marriage it will end up in ending the Montague/Capulet feud. Romeo Catches up with his friends Merciutio and Benvolio. Juliet's messenger, the nurse, arrives and the wedding is set for later that day. The Nurse brings Romeo "cords" or ropes which will allow Romeo to climb into Juliet's bedchamber as her husband later that night..... Act II ends with Romeo and Juliet's marrige.

Illustration: Sealed with a kiss