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Romeo and Juliet
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On this page we will summarize act III

At the beginning of this Act, Benvolio and Mercutio meet Tybalt.  Tybalt tries to get Romeo to Fight, eventually he would and end up accedentally killing Tybalt.  Later Romeo would find that his actions would not be punished under death but that he would be BANESHED!!!!!  When he hears of his order to be baneshed, he realized that he would no longer be able to see his beloved Juliet again.  So he would go to Juliets Chamber and Make Sweet love and after they spend the night together,  Juliet who is now secretly married to Romeo, learns that she is to marry Paris.  She tries to fight her father's wishes, failing to dissuade him. Juliet decides to commit suicide if all else fails.....


Mrs. Bressie, please bear with us this has already taken 4 hours for 3 of the 6 pages