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Romeo and Juliet
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Act IV

Here we summarized Act IV

In Act IV Paris reveals that the wedding will occur on Thursday. Juliet is cold to Paris. Friar Laurence tells Juliet to take a potion simulating death, allowing Romeo to take her away, unopposed to Mantua since everyone will think that she is dead at the Capulet's ancient burial ground.  Then Romeo and Friar Laurence can go and break her out. Friar lawqrence was going to send a letter to Romeo telling him of the plan. But when Paris decides to have he wedding on Wednsday she has to take the potion a day earlier therefore Romeo doesn't get the letter and the next morning the nurse dicovers that Juliet is dead so then she notifies the family so since everyone was all dressed up for the wedding they just had a funeral instead. And during the funeral Benvolio is spying on her since Romeo cannot be there and he sees her being put into the memorial so he hurrys to mantua to tell Romeo.