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Romeo and Juliet
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Act V

Here is Act V summarized

Meanwhile, in Mantua, Romeo learnes of Julites Supposed Death, Deciding to risk his own life by returning ot Verona as soon as possible to see her one last time. At the same time Friar John is explaining to Friar Lawrence that the letter did not get to Romeo.  Friar Lawrence heads to the burial tomb to make sure that Juliet does not awaken before she is supposed to.  Meanwhile, on his way back to Verona, Romeo buys poison from a poor apothecary to kill himself because he still is unaware that Juliet is still alive.  While Paris is mourning over his lost bride, Romeo arives, opening the tomb to see Juliet form one last time. Paris draws his sword on Romeo and Romeo in turn kills Paris.  Romeo then gets into the tomb and is with his love for one last time. He kisses her on the lips and then drinks the poison and kills himself.  Then, Juliet awakes from her Self inflicted fake death.  Friar lawrence is there just in time to see her wake and wants to take her out.  She refuses to leave her Romeo's side.  Friar Lawrence Exits.  Juliet then uses Romeo Daggar to stab her self in the chest.  She Dies. Then, Friar Lawrence explains to the two familes Romeo and Juliets veiled Love for each other.  Finally the long-lasting Fued is over between the two familys.  THE END.