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Romeo and Juliet
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Mrs. Bressie

About the Author

Nobody really knows the exact date or year that William Shakespeare was born but we assume it happend in 1564 because sources have his baptism on record, stating that his baptism took place on April 26, 1564.William was the third child of John and Mary Shakespeare.William's father John was said to be a town offical of Stratford and a local business man who dabbled in tanning, and whittawearing which is working with leather.William's mother Mary inherited much of her fathers farming estate when he died. At age 18 William married a 26 year old pregnant women by the name of Anne Hathaway. Seven months later they had their first child a girl by the name of Susanna 

William Shakespeare is reconized as a great influence in the world of litterature. We don't very much about him but little can be found out through looking at old records such as, wills, marriage certificates, and his tombstone.

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